Trinh Van Viet

After graduating from Hanoi University of Technology in my forties, I came to Japan from Vietnam and spent two years training in car body design. After completing the training, I was in charge of car body design for three years. Since 2007, I have been in charge of production preparation and cost improvement activities, believing that I cannot expand my knowledge through design alone. Although the Japanese work sites had excellent equipment, parts, and tools, they were often faced with a lack of manpower. On the other hand, I realized that Vietnam’s factory floor environment is completely opposite to Japan, where there is an abundance of human resources, but the equipment, parts, and tools are of poor quality. I decided to start the company because I wanted to make sure that everyone at the manufacturing site was happy with a good manufacturing environment, and I would like to push forward with this business.
We founded the company with the idea that through our business, we can contribute as a member of Japanese society, and by serving as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam, even in a small way, we can also contribute to our homeland.