How much does it cost to accept specific skills? Introducing detailed price list and personal burden etc.

There may be many companies that would like to take advantage of the specific skill residence status and accept foreign workers.

Specified Skilled Worker is a relatively new status of residence that was created in 2019 with the aim of accepting foreigners with a certain level of expertise and skills in industrial fields where it is difficult to secure domestic human resources.

A foreigner with a specific skill residence status must have passed a skills evaluation test or Japanese language proficiency test, have a certain level of skill and Japanese language, and be able to work full-time in the accompanying work performed by Japanese people. Because we can expect to accept immediately capable personnel, the needs of companies that want to resolve labor shortages and promote internationalization are increasing year by year.

Meanwhile, we are increasingly hearing from people who are worried about not knowing the costs required for acceptance. There are several ways to accept foreigners with the residence status of specific skills, and the items and prices of costs incurred differ.

In this article, we will introduce the costs of accepting foreigners with a specific skill residence status, as well as points and precautions to reduce costs.